DIY Coffee

DIY Coffee roasting

Coffee roasting at home is easier than you may think and can quickly become a delightful new hobby. Additionally, you can experiment with different coffee beans and adapt the roasting times for either a subtle or strong taste. It’s worth noting that the longer the process of coffee bean roasting takes the stronger the taste becomes. Conversely, the shorter the roasting the lighter the taste.

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Hooked on Caffeine: Coffee and Your Brain

When you drink a cup of coffee, it contains a drug named caffeine which takes effect on your body minutes from the start of consumption. It blocks chemical signals that pass through your brain, thus stopping you from feeling tired. In moderate proportions caffeine can improve you mental ability, reaction times, memory and reasoning skills. It takes your body three to five hours to break down the caffeine, which is the answer to why coffee near bed time will not help you sleep.

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coffee scene

New England to Italian: Do You Know Your Coffee Roasts?

This is an intriguing question, those that grow coffee may argue that it’s much more than that, but is it? More importantly how do we judge this, as coffee roasts have been placed into three categories, by strength? Additionally most people are inclined to use their own particular choice by brand name and strength. To add to the confusion, coffee companies and coffee store outlets such as Starbucks and Dunkin donuts appear to agree that there is no standardization of which coffee roast falls into which category.

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