DIY Coffee roasting

Coffee roasting at home is easier than you may think and can quickly become a delightful new hobby. Additionally, you can experiment with different coffee beans and adapt the roasting times for either a subtle or strong taste. It’s worth noting that the longer the process of coffee bean roasting takes the stronger the taste becomes. Conversely, the shorter the roasting the lighter the taste.

What methods are available for home roasting?

The most well used methods are stove top roasting, air popper roasting and it’s also possible to purchase a home roasting coffee machine. However, it appears that the air popper method is by far the most popular as people have made use of their popcorn makers for this purpose.

How to roast coffee beans using the air popping method

Most popcorn makers can be used for coffee bean roasting, however you need to be careful as some popcorn makers have a grate where the air pushes through. These are not suitable for coffee bean roasting due to the possibility of the vent becoming blocked by debris. They can potentially cause a safety hazard so make sure that you choose one that pushes air through the sides.

What you will need prior to roasting

• A wooden spoon, paddle or stick to stir the coffee while it roasts
• A pair of colanders or strainers to cool coffee after the roast
• A fan to disperse smoke two are better

This method can also be used for stove top roasting and is ideal for beginners as it’s easier to watch the process. However it’s really important that you roast your coffee beans in a well ventilated area. It is also a very good idea to have a fan in addition to the fan above your stove before you begin coffee bean roasting. This will disperse smoke more easily whilst giving off the delightful smell and aroma of the roasting coffee

• Preheat your popcorn maker
• Add your coffee beans, stirring regularly to increase motion
• Soon you will hear the familiar ‘cracking’ sound as you do with popcorn
• As the coffee beans darken, check regularly until the color darkens
• Watch closely until the beans have darkened to the color of your choice the darker they become the stronger the taste
• Once they have darkened to your choice, turn off the popcorn maker
• Empty into a strainer and switch back and forth between two strainers to halt the roasting process

DIY Coffee

Although quite expensive, there are home coffee roasting machines which will do the work for you. However you need to bear in mind that these are quite large machines so unless you have plenty of space, it’s not worth the investment. Additionally, it takes away the pleasure of roasting coffee beans. Absolutely nothing can compare to the glorious aroma of roasting coffee beans and its also economical and a plus for a greener lifestyle.

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