How to Make a Frappuccino

You would probably not fall in love with coffee unless you learn how to make a frappuccino. In fact, many people who are considered frappuccino lovers became obsessed in drinking hot coffee or espressos after having a good taste of frappe. I think that it is the fun of blending those drinks that keeps those fans going.

There have been many good frappuccino machines introduced to the market lately. Owning a frappuccino maker can be a great experience to many of those who like to make their own cup of frappuccino.

Although it is recommended to make your frappuccino using one of the machines, you can have a good cup of frappuccino made easily without one. A rich tasteful cup of frappuccino can be made in the comfort of your home with a quality that is even better than what you get from a renowned coffee shop.for more information and updates, visit the original source.

How to Make a Frappuccino – Ingredients of a Heavenly Recipe

• Starting with the basic ingredient, milk, you have a choice of using half n half or skim milk. My advice is to go for the half n half since it always gives you better taste than the other choice.

• For the cocoa flavor, again you have more than one choice. Many people use Hershey’s syrup in their preparation. While this is a good choice, I prefer to use the powdered cocoa. You can go for the Ghirardelli sweetened cocoa as an example. In case you are not going for the mocha Frappuccino, then you can skip the powdered cocoa and use the syrup instead.

• Sugar. This must be used up to your own taste. Since this is a sweet beverage by nature, you should start by using one tablespoon and increase it as you see fit.

• Ice cubes – at least six cubes are needed.

• If you are making a flavored mocha then you should use flavored syrup.

• If you are making a peanut butter Frappuccino, then you should include peanut butter in your ingredients.

• Espresso shots, or simply strong black coffee, in case you don’t own an espresso machine.

How to Make a Frappuccino – Mixing the Ingredients

You should start by making espresso shots. If you do not like your coffee strong then you should choose one shot for 16-20 oz drink. Whereas, if you like your coffee strong then you should consider having two shots for each 20 oz drink.

Make sure to keep your espresso or coffee chilled before pouring it in the blender, otherwise it will melt the ice and thus it will not yield the best taste.

Fill the cup that you are going to use with ice cubes. This is a quick and easy way to estimate the amount that is needed without using any measuring utensils. Pour the ice cubes in the blender.

Next add the cocoa powder. Do not miss the flavor of cocoa powder; it just tastes much better than the syrup. Use a heaping tablespoon for every 16 oz drink.

In case you are using one of the flavored syrups, then you should cut the cocoa powder amount to one third. You have to rely on your personal taste here, so if you like your beverage stronger then you should go ahead and add more cocoa for a stronger taste.

Next you should add the sugar. In case you were not using any flavored syrup then you should start by using one heaping tablespoon and you can add more later, if required. When using flavored syrup then these amounts should be cut in half.

After that, you should add the flavored syrup. Usually these syrups come with a pump. Each three pumps equals to 1 oz. For a 16 oz drink you should put 6 pumps, a 20oz drink requires 8 pumps, a 24 oz drinks needs 9 pumps, etc…

For a peanut butter flavored Frappuccino, you need to add 2 heaping tablespoons of peanut butter to a 16 oz drink.

The last thing you need to do is to add the espresso or coffee shots and your half n half. I truly recommend using half n half. The taste is much better than using lighter varieties of milk. I know that it can make you fat, but if you drink it moderately, what is the damage? Anyway, you should try it at least once to experience the true flavor,then you can stick to the lighter option.


Pour the half n half in the blender. The quantity should be about two ounces less than the size of drink that you are preparing. As an example, if you are making a 16oz drink then you should pour in 14 oz.
Use the blender to blend for at least 20 seconds. Here you might find it useful to use one of the frappuccino makers to make your operation easier and to give you the perfect smooth flavor. However, you can complete your recipe with an ordinary blender. Just make sure that you do not have ice chunks in your drink.

There you go, now you know how to make a frappuccino. If you are a coffee addict and own a coffee machine then you are most likely to fall in love with this coffee variety. You will not have an idea about what we are talking about until you give it a try. Just go ahead and experiment with the different flavors, you will be on your way to a surprisingly good tasting beverage.

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